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"[Baba's] emotions are real and its narrator captivating" -- DC Theatre Scene


"Mahgoub is an actor with enough charm to fill the room ...

with his humor, honesty, and incredibly sincere storytelling" -- Theatre Is Easy


"A lighthearted coming-of-age story about an awkward, nerdy kid from a poor New Jersey family."  

-- Theater Mania


"Mahgoub is a natural performer" -- NYTheater Now


"A fascinating tale out of nothing but his intimate recollections and a genuine gift for conveying raw emotion" -- The Levity Ball 


"Told with stirring intensity" -- DC Theatre Scene


"Baba has a heartfelt innocence and appealing authenticity. Mahgoub has done a courageous thing in bringing his story to the stage, and it's a fitting tribute to his father...Baba would be proud." 

-- Theater Mania


"After an hour, you will feel like you have made a new friend"

-- DC Metro Theater Arts


"Deeply emotional" -- DC Metro Theater Arts


"[A] compelling hour...[a] hearfelt [and] funny story that touches both on the universal and the unique"

-- NYTheater Now


"Heart-wrenchingly honest, vulnerable and often surprisingly funny"

-- The Levity Ball 


"An impactful story, energetically told" -- DC Theatre Scene


"Baba does not disappoint." -- Theatre Is Easy


"An intimate dive into a son’s attempt to process the untimely death of his father, reconcile his sexuality, and build for himself the meaning of manhood"

-- DC Theatre Scene 


"Especially successful at bringing to life his father, an Arab-Egyptian immigrant who was brutally murdered" -- DC Metro Theater Arts


"An intimate portrayal of a millenial trying to figure out what it means to be a man in today's world, and how to pursue the American dream in the new reality created by the financial crisis and recession"

-- The Levity Ball 


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