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About The Show:

Murder, drugs, bisexuality and NYC real estate all in one show? After his dad passes away, Alex struggles to become a “man” without his father’s presence. In "Baba," Alex Mahgoub tells the honest, vulnerable, and funny story about how one boy rose from being a fat nerd with glasses to an elite real estate broker in NYC. 


"Baba" was conceived and written by Alex in 2013 in Matt Hoverman's's solo writing and performing workshops, and developed at multiple staged readings at the Art Cafe in Brooklyn and at Cheryl King's Stage Left Studio. Alex recently produced and performed a sold-out run of the show at the United Solo Theatre Festival in October 2014. The run was directed by Armando Merlo, another solo performer, who wrote the one-man play, "Salamander Starts Over," which was the winner of the FringeNYC Solo Show Excellence Award in 2012.


This development process has helped shape the show into the sixty-minute rollercoaster you will see this summer when Alex Mahgoub brings "Baba" to Washington, DC at Capital Fringe in July 2015 and to New York, NY at FringeNYC in August 2015



About Alex:

Past theater roles include: John in Antioch & Dolan in LINE both at the Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater, Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night, Hortensio in Taming of the Shrew, and Servant in Servant of Two Masters. Short film roles include Greg in Party on the 49th Floor, Grey Bills in Private, The Son in The Last Touchy Feely Drama, and Rayhan in Dejeration.


Alex is a proud graduate of Rutgers University, with a degree in English Literature and Theater Arts. He has also studied with Maggie Flanigan (Mesiner), Shane Ann Younts (Voice & Speech), and Fay Simpson (Lucid Body).  When not acting, Alex plays the part of a New York Real Estate Associate Broker with the Corcoran Group. You can read reviews of his work at


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